Vince McMahon Detractors and Fans Bid Varied Adieus to WWE Icon, From ‘Bye Felicia’ to ‘I Salute You’

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Vince McMahon has been revered and despised by fans of professional wrestling for generations, and now they’re making their opinions of the WWE icon known.

McMahon, 77, retired Friday after he struck a chord with a much wider audience over national and international headlines covering his sexual misconduct scandal, which led him to step back from the WWE and for his daughter to take the reins of the company.

Detractors and fans flooded social media with reaction to his retirement announcement.

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Some surmised “He did not want the smoke” and declared “Bye, Felicia.” Others tipped their cap to the longtime WWE chairman and CEO, calling it the “end of an era” or telling McMahon “I salute you.”

Many others questioned the sincerity of the announcement and called him out — or simply shared memorable clips and gifs from his many appearances as a WWE personality.

See the varied reaction below.

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