Vin Scully Gushes Over Willie Mays In A Meeting That Gets A Deserved Replay

A 2016 meeting between Dodgers broadcast legend Vin Scully and Hall of Fame Giants star Willie Mays has gone viral after Mays died Tuesday at age 93. (Watch the video below.)

Both men were among the best at their craft, making their conversation at a game in San Francisco so special. It would be Scully’s 67th and final season as a Dodgers announcer.

Scully saw it all during his time in the booth but Mays’ visit brought out the gushing schoolboy in him.

“First of all, you’ve always been my favorite player, even though you wore the wrong uniform,” Scully said. “You’ve also been the greatest player I ever saw and I’ve said that for a long, long time.”

It was a one-way chat for the most part as Scully piled on the accolades. He broke down Mays’ best catches, noting how he marveled over one while dining at old-time New York restaurant Toots Shor’s.

Their chat caught the attention of photographers. “He’s still the best in every way possible way,” Scully said toward the cameras. “You really are.”

Scully, who died in 2022 age 94, called his wife, Sandi, over to meet him. She and Mays hugged.

The video was shared on the Dodger Blue YouTube channel in 2016 and racked up more than 1.5 million views after an X account posted it on Tuesday.

If there is a heaven, perhaps Mays, who collected 660 home runs and 3,293 hits, and Scully can resume their conversation.