Vile rapist who targeted lone women on trains faces jail

Maashak Bloomfield has been convicted of a string of sex attacks (MPS)
Maashak Bloomfield has been convicted of a string of sex attacks (MPS)

A sexual predator who targeted lone females on trains is facing years in prison after dragging a woman behind a van in the street to rape her.

Maashak Bloomfield, 34, carried out a string of attacks in 2021 and 2022, including flashing at a woman on a train and groping a 17-year-old girl at a London station.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve 2022, he and a second man preyed on a woman as she walked through the street in south London.

“They are seen on CCTV either side of her, dragging her behind a van where the defendant pulled down her clothing and raped her”, said prosecutor Catherine Milsom.

“The accomplice had his hand over her mouth.”

CCTV showed that the woman, who had been drinking, was deliberately targeted by the two men.

Bloomfield was convicted at trial of raping the woman, as well as stealing her phone and an assault charge.

He was also found guilty of three sexual assaults on the teenage girl in January 2021 at Wallington train station in South London.

“It may be said he was looking for someone to sexual assault on that day”, said the prosecutor.

Five days later, he was on a train from Hove into London Victoria when he flashed at a woman in her 20s and tried to force her hand on to his penis.

“He deliberately targeted a lone woman to have a sexual encounter with her”, said Ms Milsom.

The rape victim told the Old Bailey in a victim impact statement that the attack has “ruined my life”.

“You have made my life hell”, she said, in words aimed directly at Bloomfield.

“I can’t form relationships with anyone based on what you have done to me. I can’t even be in a room with men I don’t know.”

She told the court she has been left unable to work and reliant on daily assistance from her children, while battling suicidal thoughts.

“You have killed me”, she said.

“You have made me feel like I want to kill myself.”

The woman added that she is fearful to go out alone, as the accomplice is still at large.

The teenager who was sexually assaulted told the court she has left London since the attack, and feels unsafe travelling by herself on public transport.

“I migrate towards other women to try to stay safe”, she said.

“I did consider not reporting this and just tried to block it out, but I knew if I hadn’t done so, he would just carry on and he needs to stop doing this.”

Bloomfield was cleared at his trial of drugging and raping another woman on a train, on the same day that he was later caught flashing.

He appeared via videolink from HMP Thameside for a sentencing hearing on Friday, in front of Judge Rosina Cottage KC.

The court heard Bloomfield has convictions stretching back to 2015, including multiple incidents of carrying a knife in public, drug crimes, and bouts of violence.

He has already been assessed by the probation service for dangerousness.

The judge adjourned sentencing until July 3, after running out of court time.

Maashak was convicted of rape, three counts of sexual assault, indecent exposure, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and theft, after a British Transport Police-led investigation.