Viewers support Canadian journalist after she was criticised for her dress on-air

Viewers are showing their support for a Canadian journalist after she shared an email that she received about her on-air outfit being “inappropriate”.

Tess Van Straaten took to Twitter on Sunday to post the message that a viewer sent her, along with a screenshot of the sleeveless multi-colored dress she wore during the news broadcast. In the email, the person claimed that the reporter’s outfit wasn’t fit for a weather report or a work environment.

“I find it inappropriate for Tess Van Straten to still wear sleeveless tops in the wintertime to report on the weather,” the email reads. “In my opinion, she should be wearing a suit jacket and look more professional like other newscasters around the world. Sorry for a negative comment, but it is also upsetting to see what she is wearing.”

Van Straaten also asked her followers for their opinions on her outfit, as she tweeted: “This is what women in broadcasting sadly still face in 2023... Do you think my dress is ‘almost upsetting’?”

In the comments of her post, she said that a woman “sent this email” which went to “the entire newsroom.”

In responded to the incident, Twitter users praised Van Straaten for her outfit and slammed the viewer for criticising it in the first place.

“Not sure where this is anything remotely close to ‘upsetting’??” one wrote. “Looks pretty professional to me + you look great. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but, these days, they are shared far too openly thanks to social media, imo.”

“It’s a lovely dress and that person doesn’t have *nearly* enough to worry about in their life if they’re still inflamed by what a woman *doing her job* is wearing,” another said. “Go sleeveless for the entire winter. You’ve earned it after putting up with that person’s nonsense.”

A third said: “I think it is sad and ridiculous that people feel it is appropriate to comment on your choice of clothing like that. You always look poised and professional to me. Also the poster must have a blessed life if this is what they find upsetting in their life!”

On the other hand, some people shared their thoughts about female reporters’ attire in the newsroom.

“I think your dress is nice. My only concern is that MOST female newscasters seem to wear less clothing than any male newscaster,” one Twitter user wrote. “If it is your choice great. I hear that the studios are cold yet the women always have less clothing than the men.”

In response, Van Straaten detailed her outfit choices and explained why men’s on-air outfits differ from women.

“Men have fewer options in [the] studio since dresses and skirts aren’t in their repertoire,” she wrote. “I wear blazers but like to mix it up w/ dresses and blouses. Also, a man could wear the same suit EVERY DAY and no one would notice. A news anchor in Australia actually did this to make a point.”

The Independent has contacted Van Straaten for comment.