‘The View’ Talks About THAT ‘Bridgerton’ Sex Scene And How It Makes Them Tingle

The six-minute-long sex scene depicted in a recent Bridgerton episode has everyone talking, including the panelists of The View.

Joy Behar sparked a discussion of the sexy scene during Friday’s episode.

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Sunny Hostin called the moment “beautiful,” and gave kudos that Colin (Luke Newton) asked Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) for her consent.

Ana Navarro stopped her right there. “Please don’t spoil it,” Navarro interjected. “I haven’t watched it yet!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin defended the scene, adding that Bridgerton’s sex scenes keep the audience tuned in for more.

Sara Haines mentioned that just watching the show gives her a funny feeling.

“The sensual nature in how the build-up is, it takes me places just watching it,” she said. “I can’t be alone!”

A laughing Behar declared, “This is one horny panel.”

The talk turned to Bridgerton EP Shonda Rhimes writing for the “female gaze,” which led Haines to grab her coffee cup and add, “I haven’t stopped gazing.”

Behar then touted the show’s benefits. “I think it’s good. It enhances marriages because you’re sick of each other after a while,” she said. “And then this gets you going again.”

Haines seemingly agreed with her assessment. “My husband knows when I’m watching Bridgerton,” she said, making a show of opening her eyes especially wide in excitement as her cohosts laughed. “It rewards everyone.”

Hostin added, “These are very, very sexy and they’re beautifully shot, and the clothing is beautiful, and the words are beautiful, and there’s British accents, I mean, I could watch it forever.”

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