‘The View’: Sunny Hostin Surprises Sarah Paulson With Puppy the ‘AHS’ Star Helped Save | Video

Things took an emotional turn during Tuesday episode of “The View,” when host Sunny Hostin surprised Sarah Paulson with a visit from Hostin’s mother’s dog — the same dog that Paulson herself helped save.

During the actress’ appearance on the ABC show, Hostin noted that she and Paulson share a common love for animals, and make regular donations to rescue foundations. In fact, it turns out that Paulson beat Hostin to the punch when it came to one particular donation.

According to the ABC host, she saw a post on social media about a puppy that had been left on the side of the road, and desperately needed surgery. But, when Hostin called to offer to pay for the surgery, she was told that she couldn’t — because Paulson already had. But Hostin could adopt the puppy. So she did.

“We have someone that wants to meet you and thank you for saving her life,” Hostin added.

“No! No! Oh no,” Paulson exclaimed happily, realizing what was happening.

From there, Hostin’s mother came on stage with the pup, flanked by executive producer Brian Teta. According to the host, the pup actually bonded with her mother, and as Mrs. Hostin handed off the animal to a very excited Paulson, she hugged the actress and quietly thanked her.

“Thank you for saving her life,” Sunny Hostin said. “She has changed my mother’s life. My mother didn’t like to drive before, she didn’t like to go out shopping, and now she has her companion that sits in the car with her, and goes to the supermarket. So, thank you.”

The interview continued on from there, but Paulson was snuggling the pup — named Coco Chanel — so tightly that the hosts had to remind her she was wearing a mic, and the dog was now muffling it.

“That’s OK,” Paulson said. “No one wants to hear me talk anymore!”

You can watch the moment from “The View” in the video above.

“The View” airs daily at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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