“The View ”stars weigh in on “The Golden Bachelor” Fantasy Suites, say Gerry Turner 'cries too much'

Ana Navarro described her cohost's discussion as "my weekly session of water torture."

The ladies of The View cannot get over how much Gerry Turner cries on The Golden Bachelor.

On Friday, the hosts watched a clip from the dating program’s latest episode, which saw the 72-year-old Turner discuss knocking boots with the final two women ahead of their Fantasy Suite dates. 

“He cries a lot, this guy. It’s like, it’s just a TV show. Nobody died. He’s always crying, he’s like in John Boehner territory,” Joy Behar remarked. “What’s going on over there? Is the Fantasy Suites really where they’re doing anything? Or are they just playing Canasta in there? Who the hell knows.”

Sunny Hostin agreed that Turner “does cry too much,” which she considered “a little bit unattractive.” However, she questioned whether or not his intentions were purely on finding a new life partner given his actions over the last few episodes.

<p>ABC; Brian Bowen Smith/ ABC via Getty Images</p> Ana Navarro on 'The View;' Gerry Turner from 'The Golden Bachelor'

ABC; Brian Bowen Smith/ ABC via Getty Images

Ana Navarro on 'The View;' Gerry Turner from 'The Golden Bachelor'

“He was here, he was lovely, but he’s also said he’s in love with a couple of women and now he’s in Fantasy Suites with two women. I think he’s making up for lost time, ‘cause he’s been widowed for seven years,” she said. “There’s a difference between love and lust, Mr. Golden Bachelor.”

Sara Haines noted that Turner “married his high school sweetheart” and that could also be affecting his decision-making process. “This man has been in love one time” she said. “Now he’s a grown man that has all of the experiences and I’m sure he doesn’t even — he’s only loved one woman.”

“There’s a difference between lust and love,” Hostin simply reiterated. “And the lust was present in the Fantasy Suite.”

Ana Navarro, a known Golden Bachelor anti, described The View's frequent discussion of the show as “my weekly session of water torture” and busted Turner’s suggestion that people aren’t aware that senior citizens do, in fact, have sex.

“He’s asking if somebody his age could be having sex,” she said. “Listen: Al Pacino at 83 just welcomed his fourth child, Robert De Niro at 79 welcomed his seventh child, Mick Jagger at 73 welcomed his eighth child.”

Hostin added, “They are knocking boots in, post-60, in the Fantasy Suites!”

“I don’t know about knocking boots,” Navarro joked, “I think Latinos do it barefoot.”

Golden Bachelor host Jesse Palmer previously told EW that he hadn’t heard the term knocking boots since he was “listening to R&B group H-Town during the mid-90s in high school.”

And, if it makes anyone feel better, he was also feeling super awkward when Turner asked him to describe intimacy during the episode, too. “A) How did Gerry just turn this thing around on me?” He recalled. "B) How am I going to explain 'intimacy' to my kids? C) I’d like to crawl into that volcano right now…”

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