‘The View': Meghan McCain Replacement Ideas Range Online From Miss Piggy to Randy Rainbow

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Meghan McCain is leaving “The View” after four years, and the move raises an important question — who’s going to take her place? Worry not, the People of the Internet already have plenty of ideas.

Some have real suggestions. While many are already speculating that McCain herself will eventually end up finding a job at Fox News, multiple current Fox folks are being floated as McCain’s replacement on ABC, arguing that “The View” will likely want to ensure another conservative voice continues to be on the panel. Suggestions there have included Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren and more.

Still others are hoping for the opposite. One popular choice is Ana Navarro, who has often filled in on “The View” when one of the hosts were out. Meanwhile, author David Hill suggested Ziwe, saying that she is the clear choice if “The View” is going to “atone” for McCain’s four years on the panel.

The only way for this show to atone for the years Meghan McCain hosted is to hire Ziwe https://t.co/MkV7C8MNKE

— David Hill (@davehill77) July 1, 2021

Arguably the funniest suggestion though, comes from Cara Lynn Shultz, who referenced a long-running joke from the season: McCain’s hair.

“Petition to replace Meghan McCain with her hair stylist, who is the real MVP of the past season,” Shultz tweeted.

Petition to replace Meghan McCain with her hair stylist, who is the real MVP of the past season. https://t.co/xtO8rpuJJw

— Cara Lynn Shultz (@caralynnshultz) July 1, 2021

Of course, there’s no shortage of people volunteering themselves for the job. Randy Rainbow even went so far as to skip the interview process, tweeting a “press release” confirming he’s replacing not just Meghan McCain, but the entire panel on “The View.”

I will be replacing all of the women of The View. Thank you, this is a press release.

— Randy Rainbow (@RandyRainbow) July 1, 2021

Shorter pitch, @TheView: I can promise you I'll never be as great as Lisa Ling but also never as mediocre as Meghan McCain. Hire me. It's a net positive.

— Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) March 24, 2021

Meghan McCain is leaving The View and a vacancy. While I realize the show is supposed to be all ladies, I’d like to submit my candidacy and also declare I may not be a lady, but I can be a bitch.

— Whisman (@WhismanSucks) July 1, 2021

Took my phone off vibrate when I found out they need a Meghan McCain replacement. HMU

— Anand Giridharadas @ The.Ink (@AnandWrites) July 1, 2021

And yes, some pop culture icons are making it into the mix. From “Star Wars” characters to “The Muppets,” people are shouting out their favorites.

Which fictional monster should replace Meghan McCain on the View?

I say Samara from The Ring pic.twitter.com/B7ISZwwwN1

— Brianna Wu (@BriannaWu) July 1, 2021

BREAKING: Ki-Adi-Mundi to replace Meghan McCain on ‘The View’ https://t.co/GMlqyBkEZQ pic.twitter.com/x3rBf9elfK

— Alden Diaz 🎙 (@AD_Strider) July 1, 2021

#TheView announces Meghan McCain’s replacement pic.twitter.com/LlKAZ50Zc4

— Mister Race Bannon (@MrRaceBannon) July 1, 2021

I vote @RuPaul to replace Meghan McCain.
Just glam The View for once. https://t.co/4JTPglupo2

— Rama’s Screen (@RamasScreen) July 1, 2021

If LeVar Burton doesn’t get the Jeopardy hosting gig, maybe he can replace Meghan McCain on The View. https://t.co/r23HbP1kla

— Jeremy Homan (@jeremyhoman) July 1, 2021

But for some, it doesn’t really matter who steps in for McCain at the end of the day. As Molly Jong-Fast notes, some people would be happy with literally any other person.

May I suggest as her replacement….. anyone else https://t.co/w5zPtOhfSC

— Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) July 1, 2021

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