‘The View’: Joy Behar Says It’s ‘an Oxymoron’ to Love Trump and Jesus

Joy Behar doesn’t necessarily believe people who say they love both Donald Trump and Jesus. In fact, on Thursday morning’s episode of “The View,” the ABC host argued that “that’s an oxymoron right there.”

Behar’s sentiments came as she and her co-hosts were discussing Nikki Haley’s widely criticized proposal to force all social media accounts to be verified. During an interview with Fox News this week, the Republican presidential candidate called anonymous social media accounts a “national security threat” that she would address on “Day 1,” but was quickly dragged on social media for the idea (even by X owner Elon Musk).

“Every person on social media should be verified by their name. First of all, it’s a national security threat. When you do that, all of a sudden people have to stand by what they say,” Haley argued.

And, to that part at least, Joy Behar agreed.

“I would like people to identify themselves. ‘Cause they write mean things to me, and then I look up their handle and it always says ‘Love Trump, Love Jesus’ — I love Jesus too, you know?” she said. “We all love Jesus.”

That said, “The View” host takes issue with people claiming to love both people.

“But they love Trump and Jesus? That’s an oxymoron right there,” she sniped.

Speaking more seriously, Behar and her co-hosts admitted that they really don’t understand what Haley was trying to get at with her idea.

“Under the constitution, you have free speech. And so, you can post whatever you wanna post anonymously, that is protected,” Sunny Hostin explained. “And what makes me concerned is, if you wanna be the chief executive of this country, and you want to swear an oath to the constitution, I would’ve hoped you have read it.”

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