‘The View': Joy Behar Says Lauren Boebert ‘Makes Kellyanne Conway Look Like Henry Kissinger’

Lauren Boebert, one of the small group of far-right politicians who are staunchly opposing Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become House speaker, took her grievances on the situation to Fox News and Sean Hannity on Wednesday night. And after seeing the interview, “The View” host Joy Behar says Boebert makes Kellyanne Conway look like former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Over the last three days, Kevin McCarthy has faced six votes to become House speaker, and in each one, has not secured the number of votes needed to ascend to the position. Despite making a number of concessions, Boebert and her colleagues who are standing against him refuse to budge.

When pushed on who Boebert would support by Hannity on Wednesday night, the congresswoman suggested she might nominate twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, prompting Hannity to fire back “Is this a game show? Like we’re gonna pick Jim Jordan one day, Trump the other day?” Hannity chastised Boebert several times for “not answering” his question, prompting the two to talk over each other for the segment. And watching it, the hosts of “The View” had no sympathy.

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“I say a big ‘boo hoo’ to Sean Hannity,” Alyssa Farah Griffin mocked. “Fox News and the right-wing media created Lauren Boebert. They featured her on-air, they’ve turned her into the star, so now she’s weaponizing that power.”

Joy Behar largely agreed with Farah Griffin, who on Wednesday called Kevin McCarthy “obstructionist” for continuing his bid for the speakership. Behar called Boebert’s appearance on Hannity’s show “10 minutes of hilarity,” and encouraging audiences to watch the entire segment.

“Just to put a button on what you just said, that they have been bolstering and putting these id– this Lauren Boebert, she makes Kellyanne Conway look like Henry Kissinger!” Behar said. “She is another motormouth who doesn’t stop talking.”

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