‘The View': Joy Behar Offers Biden Jokes to Tell at White House Correspondents Dinner

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The White House Correspondents Dinner returns this weekend, marking the first time the event has been held in three years. So, on Friday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar wanted to make sure President Biden had some jokes in his back pocket — all of which targeted right-wingers.

The discussion at the table kicked off with the question of whether it would even be appropriate for Biden to joke at the event, considering everything that’s been going on in the world. But for the most part, the women agreed that he absolutely should inject humor where he can, he should just avoid doing it with hot button issues (for example, the war in Ukraine).

As an example of poor taste in humor, the hosts called up a joke made by George W. Bush about WMDs in 2004. So, host Sunny Hostin asked Behar how she would handle the situation, considering Behar is a comedian. And yes, she was prepared.

Behar noted that there is a comedy writer on staff at “The View,” so she worked with him to craft three possible jokes for Biden to tell on stage. The first targeted Madison Cawthorn.

“Madison Cawthorn wanted to be here, but there was a sale at Victoria’s Secret,” Behar said.

This joke was met with quiet chuckling, but didn’t quite land. Behar then took a moment to explain that, to fully understand the joke, people had to know that Politico recently obtained photos of Cawthorn (though the outlet noted they could not verify them) that appeared to show him out partying while wearing women’s lingerie.

Ana Navarro wasn’t quite ready to joke about Cawthorn though, as she called out an even more recent incident involving him.

“Maybe ‘Madison Cawthorn wanted to be here, but he got stopped at the airport trying to bring in a gun, for the third time,'” she sniped.

On Tuesday, Cawthorn was indeed stopped by TSA for having a loaded gun in his bag. Though according to reports, it was second time he has been stopped with a gun at an airport in just over a year, not the third.

Behar noted that Navarro’s suggestion wasn’t funny, just accurate. So, she moved on to the next joke — this one targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene wanted to attend tonight, but her tinfoil hat kept setting off the metal detectors,” Behar recited, seemingly referring to the many conspiracy theories Greene has pushed in recent months.

That joke got more laughs than the first, but still received lukewarm reception. It was the third joke that finally won the approval of the table and the audience.

“America is facing some dark times, but not as dark as Tucker Carlson’s testicles,” Behar finished, poking fun at Carlson’s recent promotion of testicle tanning.

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