‘The View’ Hosts Are ‘Surprised’ Trump Hasn’t Been Held in Contempt of Court: ‘Less Discipline Than Any Adult I’ve Ever Met’ (Video)

After what was reportedly a chaotic scene as Trump testified in court on Monday, the hosts of “The View” are a bit stunned that the disgraced ex-president wasn’t held in contempt for his actions.

Discussing Trump’s behavior on Tuesday morning, moderator Whoopi Goldberg first mocked the complaints of Trump’s lawyer, pretending to weep for her. But, really digging into the matter, Whoopi and her cohosts were once again convinced that there’s a double standard in play for Trump.

“Everybody in this audience knows, had we ever said or done anything like this to a judge in court? We would be underneath,” Whoopi said. “Americans, regardless of what their belief system is, don’t like a double standard.”

Meanwhile, host Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor herself, was simply stunned that Trump’s behavior was allowed at all.

“There is a certain decorum that must be in place and intact in a courtroom. And a judge is the arbiter of that decorum, as is the lawyer,” she explained. “That lawyer could not control her client, he lacked complete impulse control. It scared me, the proximity that he had to nuclear codes for our country.”

Hostin criticized Trump for arguing with the judge specifically, noting that “I’m surprised he hasn’t been held in contempt.”

To that, her cohosts readily agreed, but Alyssa Farah Griffin noted it wasn’t exactly out of character for Trump.

“Yesterday was objectively a disaster for Donald Trump,” Farah Griffin said. “I have to say, I heard a lot of folks opining on cable news and saying, ‘Was this a strategy to look tough. to look defiant?’ No, there’s no strategy with him.”

Farah Griffin then admitted that it reminded her of a time when she was working for Trump, in which a Republican politician criticized him. According to the host, she convinced Trump not to respond to the criticism online “for approximately one minute ’til we got off the helicopter, and he immediately tweeted.”

“No impulse control, less discipline than any adult I’ve ever met,” she added.

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.

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