‘The View’ Hosts Mock Upcoming Debate Between Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham: ‘Not an Equitable Brainpower There’

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Senators Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham will take the stage to debate each other next month, and on Thursday, the hosts of “The View” had a bit of a chuckle imagining how it’s going to go.

The debate will be the first in a series concocted by Sen. Tom Daschle, who hopes that it will bring back civility among lawmakers, as well as constructive discussion. The event will be moderated by Fox News anchor Bret Baier and streamed on Fox Nation on June 13. But the women of “The View” are pretty sure they know what the end result will be.

“First of all, Bernie Sanders will wipe the floor with Lindsey Graham,” Joy Behar said on Thursday morning. “You know, Lindsey is one of these people like Kellyanne [Conway], and maybe Mark Meadows now, and Pence; you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

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Meanwhile, host Sara Haines and guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin both expressed their support of the idea, with Haines arguing that “there’s a transparency to it, there’s a civility to it.” Meanwhile, Griffin simply thinks more debates need to be televised outside of election seasons.

“The public should see real debate between prominent politicians, not just when there’s a presidential race happening,” Griffin said.

Still, Behar thinks that pairing Sanders and Graham was a weird choice, to put it gently.

“This particular duo is like Barack Obama debating Tomi Lahren,” she joked.

Griffin agreed that the “choice was kind of odd,” as did Sunny Hostin. In her opinion, the debate won’t be “a fair fight,” prompting moderator Whoopi Goldberg to remind her cohosts that the debate isn’t necessarily supposed to be a fight.

“Maybe I used the wrong term, but it’s just not a fair — it’s not an equitable brainpower there,” Hostin amended.

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