‘The View’ Hosts Mock Trump’s ‘Sad’ Energy – And Turnout – in Presidential Campaign Announcement: ‘Like a Defeated Mussolini’

The hosts of “The View” are definitely not thrilled that twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is running for the office yet again, but they couldn’t help but delight in his actual announcement on Wednesday morning. The ladies at the table tore into Trump’s low energy during the speech — and his low turnout.

Trump officially announced his campaign on Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago, just days after almost every candidate he endorsed in the midterm elections lost their bid for office. But as more and more of Trump’s former allies appear to be turning on him, Trump pressed on, spewing his usual falsehoods in his speech.

But even with those lies and conspiracy theories, many have pointed out that Trump wasn’t as animated as he usually is during appearances.

“He looked like he was about to fall asleep, didn’t he?” Joy Behar mocked. “Good thing MyPillow guy was there to help him with his head.”

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Host Ana Navarro joked that Trump was “channeling ‘Low Energy Jeb,'” invoking one of Trump’s favorite nicknames for Jeb Bush, while Behar added that Trump was “kind of like a defeated Mussolini sort of guy.” But beyond Trump himself, the hosts of “The View” were also amused by the turnout of the event, or rather, the lack thereof.

“The pillow guy was one of the bigger names in attendance,” Behar mocked. “There were no GOP bigwigs there, the only one who was there was Madison Cawthorne, who’s not even in office anymore. He showed up. It was so sad. My heart breaks for poor Donald — not!”

Host Sunny Hostin took particular delight in the fact that Trump’s own daughter Ivanka was not in attendance, with Alyssa Farah Griffin pointing out that Don Jr. was also absent from the event. Behar further mocked the lack of turnout, noting that Congressman Matt Gaetz also couldn’t make it, because “he said the weather was bad.”

“The rats were jumping the ship,” Behar joked. All that said, Navarro made an impassioned plea to viewers to avoid the pitfalls of Trump’s candidacy in 2016, like laughing him off.

“Under no circumstance can Americans get exhausted and not fight hard as hell so this guy is nowhere near the presidency ever, ever, ever again,” she said.

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