‘The View’ Hosts Clash Over Whether Biden Should ‘Step Down’ After ‘Historically Bad’ Debate | Video

All five hosts of “The View” agreed that Joe Biden did not walk out of the first presidential debate looking great. But the table was torn Friday morning as to what exactly this means for the Democratic party.

Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin were firmly in the “Biden should step down” camp. Haines started the Hot Topics segment by saying she “absolutely” thinks that Biden needs to step down if the Democratic party has plans to nab a win.

The hosts issued their opinions after playing a brief clip of some of Biden and Trump’s debate highlights. Right after the video ended with Trump suggesting the two shouldn’t “act like children” while arguing over their golf skills, Behar fired off at Trump’s remark.

“Oh, says the adolescent moron,” she said. “Calls people names — he’s a toddler.”

Jumping in, Haines shared that it “pains” her to say that she feels it’s time for Biden to step down as the leader of the U.S.

“I think that President Biden needs to step down and be replaced if we want to defeat Donald Trump in November, I absolutely think that,” Haines said. “And I think Biden’s team saw it coming. I think that’s why they pushed for an earlier debate so they’d have time to change course if needed. But they’ve got to act fast. And I would implore those closest to the President to have the very hard conversations that they need to have, and not just for political ramifications. For humanity, for his integrity and for his legacy, which, that’s all on the line right now.”

She went on to say that Democrats need to “stop spinning the age problem,” as it stands as a major concern for many Americans.

“A lot of people are concerned with his age, and over and over Democrats have twisted themselves into a pretzel, saying, ‘Don’t believe your lying eyes. It’s not true,'” Haines said, mentioning that while cohost Behar and Biden are the same age (81), the two do not share the same mental fitness. “But, let me be clear, if November comes, and President Biden and President Trump are on the ticket, I will 100% be voting for President Biden, because the alternative is too scary for me. But I fear that many people in this country do not feel the same way.”

Griffin then expressed that she found both Biden and Trump performed poorly.

“I was genuinely in shock,” she began. “I’ve had concerns for a couple of years about Biden’s age. It was stunningly worse than I expected, the performance. I think in the first 90 seconds it was baked in, and I think a lot of people tuned out some of the later part of the debates. And I want to be clear, Donald Trump was a mess. He lied his way though it. But Joe Biden’s performance was so bad that it eclipsed everything that Donald Trump said.”

In conclusion, Griffin said the Dems needs someone who can beat him, but Biden isn’t the most capable for the job due to his mental wellness.

“He needs to put country before ambition and needs to step aside and pass the baton, because I’m telling you right now, Trump world is scared when they’re hearing rumblings that there could be someone else on the ticket,” she added. “They know that any other Democrat will wipe the floor with Donald Trump. Mark my words: if it’s Trump versus Biden, Trump is going to win.”

As for Sunny Hostin’s thoughts, she felt Biden flat-out fumbled the debate, saying, “I think what we saw was that Biden lost that debate … Maybe he needs to go … he can bow out with grace and dignity … I think it’s really ironic that we’re the only party talking about needing to replace our nominee. I think it’s ironic that the party that should be pressuring their candidate to step aside is the Republican Party. Their nominee is a convicted felon, he’s facing hundreds of charges for criminal activity and has been proven to be a racist, a business fraud, libel for sexual abuse, an insurrectionist and, as Biden said, he has the morals of an alley cat.”

“I’ve never seen Joe Biden like I’ve seen last night. It is worrisome,” Ana Navarro said, adding that she still plans on sticking beside him come November. “Until Joe Biden tells me he’s giving up, I’m not giving up on Joe Biden. So, to me, the binary choice remains the same. He looked elderly yesterday. He sounded elderly. He is elderly. But the choice is no different. It is a very old man versus a very bad man.”

“Old also, by the way,” Behar chimed in.

“A man who speaks with a weak voice, but tells me the truth. A weak, elderly voice and man who lies with impunity. He is a machine gun of lies, and he does it with a stronger voice,” Navarro concluded. “I’m not going to judge Joe Biden on 90 bad minutes, I’m going to judge Joe Biden on his lifetime career of putting this country first.”

The next presidential debate between Biden and Trump takes place on Sept. 10, hosted by ABC News.

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