‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Fox News for Pelosi Attack: ‘Some of This Is on Your Hands’ (Video)

As Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul continues to recover in the hospital after being attacked in his home on Friday, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg is putting some of the blame for the incident squarely on Fox News. On Tuesday’s episode of the morning talk show, she called them out directly.

The attack led the day’s Hot Topics discussion, with the hosts mourning the increase in political violence, while simultaneously venting their anger over it. In posing the discussion to her co-hosts, Golberg wondered “what else needs to happen” for Republican politicians to condemn the actions of extreme right-wingers.

But eventually, Goldberg offered her own thoughts on who was to blame for the attack at the Pelosi household, at least in part.

“Fox News, some of this is on your hands,” she said. “Some of this is on your hands. You know, you like to call people out, well, I’m calling you all out. Stop with the ‘that side is not good’ because this is what it puts out there. It tells people that you think it’s OK to do this. Stop doing it.”

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Fox News did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin each offered Goldberg a supportive “yeah” in that sentiment, but did not expound further as the show went to break. Meanwhile, conservative host Alyssa Farah Griffin called out fellow party members for not condemning the violence that has continued to happen since Jan. 6.

“What is on the rise is political violence and I want to say, unequivocally, political violence — left, right, center — is wrong,” Farah Griffin said. “To those in my party who are not calling this out directly, shame on you. This is an 82-year-old man — he has been charged with elderly abuse for what he did.”

Farah Griffin also pointed out that she was working with the Freedom Caucus when several Republican lawmakers were attacked at a baseball practice, including Congressman Steve Scalise, and that the Democrats’ response was in stark contrast to Republicans today.

“The difference is, every Democrat roundly condemned it and they rooted for his recovery,” Farah Griffin added. “What is happening, we should be ashamed of. Just the fact that we can’t unequivocally call out wrongdoing. This is, I fear, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. I pray that that is wrong.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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