The View host Sunny Hostin addresses former co-star Meghan McCain’s candid claims about talk show

The View host Sunny Hostin has addressed former co-host Meghan McCain’s criticism of the talk show.

McCain, who left the show in 2021, candidly spoke about her experience on the daytime talk series in a new column.

She wrote: “The only way to survive on that show is to be vanilla pudding. Say nothing controversial with the elites, bow down, and don’t actually do the job you were hired to do, which is voice your authentic opinions.”

McCain added that she would never return to host the series.

Hostin, who became a permanant co-host on The View in 2016, was asked about McCain’s comments in her Daily Mail column while promoting her new book Summer on the Bluffs: A Novel, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“Oh, let me take a drink,” she replied, before stating: “Um, what can I say? I have not read the column. I have heard about it, and our show is a wonderful place. We’re the number one talk show in the country, I’m happy to say.”

Hostin continued: “I know her husband [Ben Domenech] likes to mean-tweet about me, which is shocking, but Meghan and I have always been friendly, we remain friends, and I don’t think she’s doing television anymore.”

She said of McCain: “I wish her well,” adding: “We’re really happy on the show – we’re really a cohesive group”.