‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says It’s the ‘Exact Time’ for Merrick Garland to Indict Trump: He’s ‘a Wounded Animal’ (Video)

Now that most Trump-endorsed candidates failed to win their elections in the midterms, “The View” host Joy Behar thinks the focus needs to be put back on the twice impeached former president himself — specifically, Merrick Garland’s focus.

During Tuesday’s episode of the show, the women at the table discussed Trump’s anticipated announcement that he’ll be running for president again. For the most part, they marveled at the fact that he seems set to still go through with it, having been dubbed by many as “the biggest loser” of the midterms. But more importantly, in Behar’s opinion, those losses should be capitalized upon.

“Now that Trump’s a wounded animal, this is the exact time where Merrick Garland should swoop in and indict him,” she said.

In response, Behar’s cohosts pointed out that the prevailing theory among pundits and experts is that Trump is announcing his re-election campaign specifically to avoid indictment, which she readily agreed to.

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“That’s exactly why he’s announcing, and already Merrick Garland is a day late and a dollar short,” Behar said. “He should’ve done that this morning, before this guy announces. But he didn’t do it yet, which makes it now — it looks as though it’s political, which is what Merrick Garland was trying to avoid.”

When Sunny Hostin argued that Garland needs more time, because there are multiple different areas of the law that Trump is being examined under, Behar pushed further, asking for just one charge before Trump announces. But, Hostin argued that if any case is going to be brought against Trump, “You gotta win it. It’s gotta stick.”

That said, host Alyssa Farah Griffin noted that it’s a “sign of weakness” for Trump to be announcing this week, explaining that most candidates who are “in a good place” to run usually don’t announce their campaigns until the summer before the election.