‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says ‘World Is on a Suicide Mission': ‘Between the Guns And the Climate, We’re in Trouble’ (Video)

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Joy Behar doesn’t have much faith in the human race – particularly the politicians running it – right now. During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the host put it bluntly: “The world is on a suicide mission.”

Behar’s thoughts came as the panel was discussing climate change, a conversation that has been reignited in light of massive heat waves and weather disasters around the world. This week, people in Texas were hit with power outages resulting from high temperatures, while waves in Hawaii flooded way past shorelines. So, the hosts of “The View” wondered why lawmakers aren’t doing more to protect the planet.

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“I feel as though the world is on a suicide mission, you know, with climate change,” Behar said. “Between the guns and the climate, we are in trouble, and people have their heads in the sand!”

The host laid a lot of blame for that – at least Stateside – on West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin, along with the Republican party at large.

“Manchin is citing inflation as the reason he doesn’t want higher taxes, and he doesn’t want that money circulating for climate change,” Behar said. “But he did vote for every single one of the military budgets over the last decade – over $9 trillion. He voted for that. So when it comes to the military budget, inflation goes out the window as far as Manchin and the Republican Party are concerned.”

Host Sara Haines also cited on Manchin, pointing out just how much money he’s taken from big energy and how he regularly fights to stay away from clean energy because of where he lives.

“We’ve got too much dirty money in D.C. because the energy companies are paying out in big ways,” Haines said. “We know that Senator Manchin has received a ton of money. He comes from West Virginia, that happens to be a coal producing state. And in the name of saying he’s protecting his constituents, one, he’s being dishonest speaking to science.”

Watch the discussion in the video above.

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