‘The View’ Host Alyssa Farah Griffin Dubs Trump ‘Single Biggest Loser’ in Midterms: ‘Actually The Best I’ve Felt About the Country’ (Video)

As midterm election results continue to come in across the country, “The View” host and former Trump communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin is certain that, even if her party does take control of the House or Senate, the twice impeached former president was definitely “the single biggest loser” of the night.

As the hosts discussed the results on Wednesday morning’s show, the women celebrated the fact that the “red wave” that many pundits predicted was actually not so intense. Farah Griffin even invoked a recent Taylor Swift lyric to describe the phenomenon, and said that she has renewed faith in the country.

“This is actually the best I’ve felt about the country, because it was much more, like, sort of, Taylor Swift would call a ‘Lavender Haze,'” Farah Griffin joked. “This was no red wave.”

And though Farah Griffin herself is a Republican, she admitted that she was actually pretty thrilled to see most Trump-endorsed Republicans lose their races.

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“Listen, I’m a Republican, I wanted good Republicans to win and I wanted bad Republicans to lose,” she said. “I’m not losing sleep that Dr. Oz lost his race last night. I’m just gonna be honest.”

On a roll, Farah Griffin then turned her attention to her former boss, who she’s been very outspoken against since leaving the White House, and particularly since joining the show earlier this year.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, the single biggest loser of the night last night was one Donald J. Trump,” she added gleefully. “He dragged the candidates down, the Republican candidates, in a huge way. He insisted on putting up candidates based on their fealty to him, not their qualifications!”

You can watch Farah Griffin’s full comments in the video above.

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