‘The View’ Erupts in Chaos When Whoopi Explains How a Lap Dance Works to Sunny Hostin – by Giving Her One (Video)

Every once in awhile, the hosts of “The View” get into heated arguments resulting in yelling matches. But Monday’s episode got a strangely different kind of heated, resulting in Whoopi Goldberg giving Sunny Hostin a lap dance midshow. Yes, seriously.

The moment came as part of an entire day of Hot Topics, when the women were discussing whether getting a lap dance at a bachelor or bachelorette party should count as cheating. As the discussion progressed, Hostin seemed to change her mind on the matter.

“I said during our Hot Topics meeting that lap dancing isn’t cheating, but come to think of it, I’ve never seen a lap dance,” Hostin said. “So maybe it is cheating!”

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At the admission that she doesn’t know “what it looks like,” Hostin’s co-hosts were gobsmacked, questioning if she’d ever seen movies like the 2019 hit “Hustlers,” which starred Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and more, and attempted to explain the process to her.

Eventually though, Whoopi cut to the chase.

“Would you like to see?” she asked.

Upon getting the affirmative from Hostin, Whoopi indeed got up out of her chair, made her way across the stage, and proceeded to give Hostin a lap dance live, all to some very loud cheering from the audience.

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Naturally, host Sara Haines whipped out her phone to capture the moment for posterity, while host Ana Navarro got out of her chair to “get out of the way” (prompting Whoopi to joke that her behind is “not that big”).

You can watch the moment in the video above.