‘The View': Did Meghan McCain Bring Ratings Along With Drama in Her 4 Seasons?

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Meghan McCain brought plenty of drama during her four seasons on “The View,” as the conservative co-host frequently (and sometimes viciously) sparred with her more liberal co-hosts. But did those made-for-TV verbal fights lead to more TV viewers? While McCain’s comments often trended on Twitter and blew up the internet (including many on these here pages), it doesn’t seem like she had much of an impact when it came to the daytime show’s viewership. But to be fair: “The View” didn’t lose viewers either — at a time when just about every other daytime show has dropped, often by double digits. (More on that in a moment.) The average viewership for the two seasons before McCain joined the longtime series was 2.72 million viewers, according to Nielsen. During her four-season run, that average viewership is 2.7 million (noting that the current season data is through June 27). All numbers are using seven days of delayed viewing playback, which is Nielsen’s standard metric. Source: Nielsen If we want to include the three full seasons that McCain was on the show, her presence coincided with a slight dip to 2.67 million. But McCain is leaving the show at the end of this...

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