‘The View’ Co-Host Meghan McCain Opposes Neera Tanden for Biden’s Cabinet: ‘One of the Worst Trolls on Twitter’ (Video)

Andrea Towers
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During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain — fresh off her divisive rant about Dr. Anthony Fauci and the messaging of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout — didn’t sugarcoat her feelings toward Neera Tanden, President Biden’s nominee for Office of Management and Budget director.

McCain called her “one of the worst trolls on Twitter,” continuing with “anybody who knows anything about politics or has been around for any period of time knows it’s not just her tweets.”

McCain brought up reports of Tanden punching a reporter and the fact that she was called “impossible to trust” after naming a victim of sexual harassment in a company meeting.

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“If you’re comfortable with people who assault reporters and expose victims of sexual harassment in public forums…if this is the kind of character Democrats want, fine,” McCain argued. “But I think you’re talking about someone violent, someone who has been putting women in danger, and that is not who I want working in government.”

Republicans are rejecting Tanden for her cabinet position based on past divisive tweets that attacked both Democrats and Republicans, pointing out that it shows she doesn’t have the temperament for the job.

Whoopi Goldberg questioned her co-hosts on whether Tanden should be held accountable for her past words, especially given Trump’s four years of divisive tweets. While co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin also called out the double standard, McCain doubled down on her take.

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“Unfortunately for Neera Tanden, anybody who has had any kind of experience on the campaign trail knows what kind of person this woman was and is,” McCain said. “She doesn’t belong in the Biden administration and I don’t wanna hear anything about waxing poetic about searching for the soul of the country and this is ‘atone-ship’ if you’re going to have Neera Tanden holding cabinet positions.”

Watch the clip below.

REPUBLICANS REJECTING NEERA TANDEN A DOUBLE STANDARD? With key senators seemingly split on confirming Pres. Biden’s Office of Management and Budget director nominee as Republicans point to her past divisive tweets, the co-hosts weigh in. https://t.co/zV2xAw6gIV pic.twitter.com/fHDkeUk3Tc

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