“The View” censors Joy Behar and guest 3 times during live interview: 'Give me a stiffer drink'

Joy Behar and Capitol officer Harry Dunn just set a 2023 record for The View's now-iconic method of censoring profanity.

Following in the footsteps of Sara Haines, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ana Navarro as cohosts who've had their audio cut on recent broadcasts of the show, Behar and Dunn collectively tallied three moments of censored audio during their discussion on Tuesday's episode.

While Dunn — the Capitol officer who witnessed the Jan. 6 insurrection firsthand — was on the show to promote his new book Standing My Ground, he told the panelists that there's "always more to do" in his fight to raise awareness about mental health. Behar then asked a question about Donald Trump, whom many believe played a controversial role ahead of the Capitol riot.

"What if Donald Trump wins again, would you..." the 81-year-old asked, though the show's audio cut out before she finished. When it returned, Behar's cohosts laughed around the table as Alyssa Farah Griffin — a former Trump associate — said, "Give me a stiffer drink."

Joy Behar and Harry Dunn on 'The View'
Joy Behar and Harry Dunn on 'The View'

ABC Joy Behar and Harry Dunn on 'The View'

"You got anything stronger?" Dunn asked before he was censored for saying something as well.

"We need heroes like you all the time," Behar continued, to which Dunn replied, "I've always said I'll address that issue when we cross that bridge, but..." before the show seemingly suspended the audio feed for a third and final time.

In February, Behar hilariously slipped up while recounting the insurrection, mistakenly dubbing it the "Jan. 6 erection" during the live show.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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