‘The View': Ana Navarro Says Kevin McCarthy Will Be ‘The Most Castrated Eunuch’ Speaker of the House Ever If He Pulls Off Win (Video)

After 11 votes this week, Kevin McCarthy still has not secured the number needed to become the next House speaker, but he’s continuing his efforts to do so. Even if he succeeds, “The View” host Ana Navarro thinks he will be “castrated” in the position.

During Friday’s Hot Topics discussion, the women of “The View” couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the speaker has now hit double digits in the loss column, playing a supercut of every time it was announced on the house floor that “A speaker has not been elected.” And while the hosts were entertained, they reiterated their beliefs that the chaos in the House is detrimental to governmental processes at large, and perhaps McCarthy should withdraw.

Navarro, who celebrated her birthday on Friday’s show, argued that, even if McCarthy finally does manage to get the votes he needs, he won’t be able to wield the full power of the position.

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“If he in fact becomes speaker, it’s going to be the worst day of his life. Even worse than having lost these 11 votes,” she said.

Citing the many concessions McCarthy has already made to the far-right members of his party who are opposing him — including being open to changing the rule regarding how many votes are required to oust a sitting speaker — Navarro said that McCarthy would effectively be either beholden to these people or on guard every day.

“On his first day, he’s going to be the most castrated eunuch of a speaker of the House we’ve ever had,” Navarro said. “So yeah, he’ll have the big office, and he’ll have the painting for posterity. But he will have absolutely zero power.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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