‘The View': Alyssa Farah Griffin Says Republicans ‘Deserved to Get Clobbered’ in Midterms (Video)

Alyssa Farah Griffin may still be a Republican, but that doesn’t mean she thinks her party deserved to win in this year’s midterm elections. In fact, “The View” host said Monday that thanks to her party’s actions in the last two years, they really “deserved to get clobbered.”

To kick off the day’s Hot Topics discussion, the “View” women started with a clip from ABC News’ exclusive interview with Mike Pence, in which he admits twice impeached former president Donald Trump’s tweets about him on Jan. 6 “angered” him, and that it was “clear” that Trump “decided to be part of the problem.”

Host Sara Haines — filling in as moderator as Whoopi Goldberg was out with a positive COVID diagnosis — then pointed out that Republicans have cited Trump as a large part of the problem that they had in the midterm elections, noting that almost all Trump-endorsed candidates lost their election bids. At that, Farah Griffin reiterated that she hopes the midterms convince Republicans to finally part ways with Trump, calling the elections an “absolute referendum on extremism in my party.”

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“We’ve accepted lying to the American public about the election results, we’ve adopted a win-at-all-costs approach, and the chickens are coming home to roost,” she said. “We deserved to get clobbered, because we boosted extremists, we boosted election deniers, and now I am hoping and praying that this is a moment where the country says, ‘Turn the page on Donald Trump for good.'”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

As the other hosts chimed in, Farah Griffin eventually doubled down, saying, “I hope this is a wake-up moment to us.”

That said, the co-host also isn’t confident that that’s what will happen. During last Friday’s show, Farah Griffin admitted that while Trump was definitely “weakened” by the midterm performances, he likely still has a grip on the party as a whole.

“I personally think, unfortunately, reports of his demise are greatly overstated,” she said. “I will say, I’ve heard from more elected Republicans in the last few days than even after January 6, saying, ‘We’re through with him, we’re through with him.’ But I’ve got enough of a memory to remember those of us like myself, like Liz Cheney, who condemned him and stayed by it after January 6, who were quickly thrown to the wolves and everyone just went back to Mar-a-Lago and begged with a cup in hand, asking for money from him.”

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