Vietnam celebrates the Year of the Cat

STORY: Year of the Rabbit or Year of the Cat?

Depends of where you live in Asia

As China, Japan and other East Asian countries celebrate the Lunar Year of the Rabbit

Vietnamese people will be welcoming the Year of the Cat instead

(Le Khac Vu, Hanoi resident)

"Within the region, different from countries like Japan, China and South Korea, Vietnam chose the cat. The Vietnamese people are very fond of the cat, which has appeared in traditional paintings for centuries. Also, I think if there was a Year of the Rat, there also should be a Year of the Cat."

(Ngo Quy Dung, Hanoi resident)

"I think the cat is more deserving, because the rabbit is too soft. It does not have the power like a cat, I was born in the year of the cat also, and I'm very proud of that."