Vienna traumatized after four killed in gun rampage

Austria is hunting for more suspects in Tuesday (November 3) night's shooting rampage in downtown Vienna, what the country's chancellor calls an Islamist "terror attack."

Authorities say mobile phone footage from witnesses suggest there was only one gunman, but there has been a number of arrests and it's not immediately clear if all are linked.

Witnesses described crowds being fired on in bars, as many took advantage of a last evening out before the start of a nationwide coronavirus curfew.

Mikail Ozen is a Turkish mixed martial artist. He pulled a wounded policeman to safety.

"He was lying there on the ground. We went from there, from there in zigzag to the phone box. There, there by the phone box, we stood briefly. There were some police officers standing there, they said "Stand back". //But they were also shocked. We were kind of shocked too. We shouted "Help him, help him". The ambulance, the paramedics were standing over there, but they didn't dare. We looked at each other and just ran over. We did what was necessary."

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said an elderly man and woman, a young passer-by and a waitress had been killed and some of the 14 wounded victims were fighting for their lives.

Six locations were attacked in central Vienna, starting outside the main synagogue, which was closed.

Police killed a gunman wearing an explosive belt that turned out to be fake.

Eyewitness Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister believes the violence was targeted at the Jewish community.

"That's obvious. Whether the attack was directed against the synagogue we will find out from the investigation's result. In any case he shot at people who wanted to enjoy a night out. There was no longer any activity at the synagogue. The aim and the victims were those who wanted to go out last night."

Authorities identified the gunman who was killed as 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzulai, a convicted jihadist with dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia.

They say he posted a photo on his Instagram before the attack, showing himself with two weapons.

There's also been no immediate claim of responsibility so far.

Austria's neighbor France has seen two deadly militant knife attacks in recent weeks.