Young Violinist Accompanies Marchers in Rendition of 'Glory to Hong Kong'

A boy played Glory to Hong Kong, the anthem of the Hong Kong protest movement, on a violin while others sang along on Sunday, December 8, during the largest protest event in the city in weeks.

The organizers of the march, the Hong Kong–based activist organization Civil Human Rights Front, said that some 800,000 people attended the march on Sunday.

The mass protest was largely peaceful, though incidents of vandalism and confrontations with police were reported by local journalists.

Anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong have been ongoing since April 2019, prompted by a proposed extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be transferred to mainland China. The bill was formally withdrawn in late October, but protesters now have five key demands.

The five key demands include the withdrawal of the bill, an investigation into the use of force by police, amnesty for arrested protesters, a retraction of the categorization of the protests as “riots,” and universal suffrage.

The demonstrators have said they will not stop protesting until all five demands are met. Credit: Missy Lao via Storyful