New York Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

An armed man was fatally shot by police in Brooklyn, New York, on June 2, allegedly after pointing a gun at officers from behind a tree.

Footage taken after the shooting shows onlookers rushing inside a nearby building. “Get in the house,” an onlooker yells, “let’s go!” Once inside the elevator, she says, “Yo, they have so many guns coming after us!”

Local news wrote the police arrived on the scene responding to reports of shots fired.

They found the 34-year-old suspect hiding behind a tree and ordered him to drop his weapon for over a minute. When he did not comply, approximately 10 officers fired and killed him, ABC7 reported.

The shooting was not related to the June 2 protests in Brooklyn, according to reports.

Police believe the armed man had shot a man in his 40s earlier; the victim is now hospitalized in stable condition, local news reported. Credit: Stacy-Ann Ross via Storyful