Yellow Vest Protesters Flee Tear Gas Amid Violent Clashes in Rouen

Violence broke out between some protesters and police after thousands of Yellow Vest demonstrators marched through the French city of Rouen on January 12, according to reports.

Local media said about 2,500 people attended the protest in Rouen, and that 13 people were arrested across Rouen, Dieppe, and Le Havre.

French broadcaster LCI reported that a team of its journalists were attacked by protesters in Rouen. Video shared by local news website Paris-Normandie purported to show the attack. One journalist was taken to hospital, Paris-Normandie said.

This footage, shot by William Lacaill, a Rouen-based student journalist, is said to show tear gas being fired by French security forces in an effort to disperse protesters. Credit: William_Lacaill/LVDRJournal via Storyful