Wuhan Metro Releases Promotional Video Showing Former Coronavirus Epicenter 'Restarting'

A new promotional video released by Wuhan Metro shows the Chinese city’s train system once again transporting passengers as COVID-19 quarantine restrictions began to loosen.

The footage, posted to the Wuhan Metro Weibo page on April 6, highlights scenes of the city with a few vehicles back on the roads as well as metro workers cleaning station interiors, wearing masks, and preparing to go to work. It was accompanied by the caption: “Hello Wuhan; you’re about to restart.”

Wuhan’s trains began running again on March 28, and according to International Railway Journal, passengers are required to wear masks, register their names, and scan health QR codes via their phones when entering and exiting stations. Metro personnel are present on trains to ensure that travelers remain an appropriate distance from one another as well.

China Daily reported that public transport in Wuhan has been suspended for two months due to the coronavirus, and that at least six of the train system’s nine lines opened on the 28th. Credit: Wuhan Metro via Storyful