'We Were Just Trying to Play': Woman Posing as Police Officer Scolds Teens on Texas Playground

A group of teenagers was aggressively scolded by a woman posing as a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 16 as they a played on a swing in a park.

In a video shared to Twitter, a girl can be seen laughing as she used a large round swing at the Dream Park in Fort Worth. Her laughter is interrupted by shouting from a woman off-camera repeatedly saying “stop” and “this is a children’s park.”

A blond woman then approaches the girl and slams her hands on the swing to stop it from moving. A girl standing nearby tells the woman “we are children,” and the woman replies, “No, you’re f***ing not.”

The woman then shouts at the group: “Well, I’m a f***ing PD. So get the f*** out of here now if you’re not here to play as a child.” As the group of teens begins to leave the park, the blond woman continues to shout at one girl and tell her that she is not a child. She can be heard saying, “I could literally arrest you as a f***ing adult.”

The Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) confirmed that the woman was not a Fort Worth police officer. FWPD said she was a “possible local resident.”

“We are actively investigating this incident for several potential criminal charges including Impersonating a Public Servant and Disorderly Conduct. We #ThankYou for all the tip & messages we received,” FWPD added. Credit: Crystal via Storyful