'Welcome Home': Australian Couple Films Evacuation From Diamond Princess to Darwin

An Australian couple held in quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship during the coronavirus outbreak documented their journey from Japan to Australia as they were evacuated on February 19.

Vicki Presland started filming after she and her partner, Chris Peck, were transported from the virus-stricken vessel, where they remained in quarantine for two weeks.

Her video shows passengers wearing masks as they board Qantas flight 6032 from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, on February 19.

According to flight records, the plane departed from Tokyo early on February 20 and arrived at the RAAF base at Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory, later on the same date.

After landing, someone can be heard shouting “welcome home” after Presland and other passengers disembark the plane and head for the RAAF terminal in Darwin for further checks.

“We had sandwich, egg and bacon roll and juice when we finished our quarantine at the airport and waiting for our luggage in another room,” Presland said. “It was a really nice welcome.”

The video continues with their arrival at the Howard Springs quarantine facility, where people wearing protective clothing can be seen waiting.

The couple was sent to their own cabin with basic facilities such as a shower room, a bed, a table, a wardrobe and a toilet, the video goes on to show.

Peck said, "The army people are very helpful, they provided us with food and water. And they helped get things we want. "

“The food is fantastic, so much better than (on) the cruise,” Presland added.

The couple were due to remain in quarantine until Thursday, March 5. Credit: Vicki Presland via Storyful