Water Freezes Midair as Arctic Air Brings Bitter Temperatures to Minnesota

A couple made the most of frigid temperatures in Graceville, Minnesota, on January 30, throwing water into the air and watching it instantly freeze.

Carol Bauer recorded this video of herself and her husband tossing water into the air and told Storyful "cold weather can be fun.

“I’ve been waiting for a day cold enough to try this. I’ve done it with just myself before,” she said, “but, hey, two is better than one, right? We are just a grandma and grandpa who live on a farm in rural Minnesota out having fun in the cold, even without the grandkids. The temperature on this morning was -17 degrees, and the windchill was -35.”

The National Weather Service warned of temperatures reaching as low as -20, with the windchill making it feel 10 degrees colder in some areas. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful

Video transcript