'Violating Federal Law': Woman Berates Grocery Store Staff for Asking Her to Wear Mask

A woman was filmed arguing with staff at a North Hollywood grocery store on June 26 after they asked her to wear a mask in compliance with California State COVID-19 regulations.

In the video shot inside a Trader Joe’s store, the woman throws her shopping basket to the ground and calls the store staff “Democratic pigs” before addressing the recorder and onlookers.

“I have a breathing problem,” she says, insisting her doctor would not let her wear a mask. “So anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal law.”

As of June 28, California recorded a total of 216,550 positive coronavirus cases and 5,936 deaths.

Update: In a June 30 ABC7 report, the woman, who did not want to be named, claimed that she “called a Trader Joe’s store in Toluca Lake and was given permission by the manager to come in and shop without a facial covering.”

However, the report went on to say that, she mistakenly went to “North Hollywood where another manager told her she would make an exception allowing her to buy groceries without a mask on that day only.”

When she began shopping, she told ABC7 that she was harassed by another customer because she wasn’t wearing a mask. Credit: Durell Giles via Storyful