Timelapse Shows Clouds Wafting Over Supermoon in England

A resident of Suffolk, England, captured timelapse footage of the April 7 supermoon, recording wispy clouds passing in front of its surface.

Occupational therapist Joanna Southall captured the footage from her garden in Ipswich.

A keen photographer, Southall told Storyful that nighttime photography is a challenge for her since she is visually impaired. However, “it was bright enough for me to manage fine last night,” she said.

The moon was the biggest and brightest of the year, according to The Independent, getting as close as 356,907 km (221,772 miles) to Earth over the course of the night.

A NASA explainer on supermoon events said they occur when the moon is at its closest proximity to Earth, making it slightly brighter and larger than a regular full moon. Credit: Joanna Southall via Storyful