Texas Police Wrangle Escaped Goats Through Neighborhood

Police in the Dallas-Fort Worth area rounded up a herd of goats that escaped their enclosure and wandered through neighborhoods on Tuesday, February 27.

The City of Arlington had recently brought hundreds of goats to the Crystal Canyon Natural Area to clear underbrush and invasive plants. A group of the goats managed to escape their enclosure and went for an early-morning stroll on Tuesday, police said.

Footage released by the Arlington Police Department shows several officers shepherding the goats through a neighborhood at around 7:30 am. “Go, goats, go! Back to where you came from,” an officer says in the footage. “Who knew we were goat wranglers now.”

Police said all of the goats were guided safely back to the park. “File this one under ‘Only in Texas’,” police wrote on social media. Credit: Arlington Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Going this way. We need them to go that way.

- Oh, my goodness.

- I told you. It's a bunch of goats.

- How many have we got. They're coming.

- They don't have a choice.

- Can I move my car back?

- I don't know.

- Am I good or in the way?

- For danger, for them.

- All right.

- Go back to the first. Come on after.

- You got to run the stand.

- I got one runner. Come on. Oh, how funny is that.

- Oh, it's a mess.

- Have a few?


- It's kind of cute.

- Go goats, go. Back to where you came from, please. Who knew we were goat wranglers now?


- Dude, this is the most insane thing I've ever--

- Come on.

- Come on, goats.


- Keep on moving.

- Got to head on.

- We sure don't. I didn't know we had goats.

- Come on. Come on.