Tesla Sentry Mode Gives Owner a Good Look at Skateboard Attack

The windscreen of Jules Boag’s Tesla was smashed at a car park in Albury, New South Wales, recently, and thanks to the vehicle’s “Sentry” mode, he got a pretty good look at the incident.

The Tesla alerted Boag to the damage via text, he told Storyful. He was soon able to review the footage, which showed a man hit the car with a skateboard in what Boag said was “a random attack”.

Boag said he supplied police with the footage, but as yet they had not identified either of the two men seen in the video.

“I’m not sure if it was Tesla hate or just the closest car,” Boag said. “They didn’t take anything, just wham-bam and then they were off.” Credit: Jules Boag via Storyful