Tesla Autopilot Halts Car Before Potential Collision with Bear and Cubs

The Tesla Model 3 Performance’s autopilot feature has been credited by Utah native Andrew Whittle with halting a potentially hazardous collision between his car and a mother bear crossing the road alongside her cubs.

Whittle posted a video to YouTube on September 25 showing the moment the car came to a halt while he said he was on a road trip from Utah to Montana.

Whittle stated that that most of the trip was done on autopilot and that the incident took place near Montana’s Glacier National Park. The car was “cruising” at 50mph according to Whittle when it sensed the family of bears ahead. A mother bear and two cubs are seen crossing the road, before the mother bear jumps back on the road to protect her offspring.

In the caption of the video on YouTube, Whittle added, “This was an amazing demonstration of how much better the Autopilot function has gotten since I received the car. Not only did autopilot sense the family of bears in the dark while the car was going 50mph, but the dashcam feature recorded the whole thing in great resolution.” Credit: Andrew Whittle via Storyful