Taylor Swift Fans Pack Arena for First Sydney Eras Show

Fans of Taylor Swift packed Australia’s Accor Stadium despite heavy rain on Friday, February 23, the first of four nights the star was slated to play in Sydney.

Footage taken by Storyful journalist Claire Legeron shows Swift seated behind a piano, revealing an exclusive vinyl version of her upcoming album The Tortured Poets Department, which would include a bonus track titled “The Albatross.”

Swift then welcomes Sabrina Carpenter, whose opening act was canceled due to the rain.

Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was in attendance, as was singer Katy Perry. Credit: Claire Legeron via Storyful

Video transcript

TAYLOR SWIFT: [INAUDIBLE] album titles [INAUDIBLE] title. And I'm really, really, really proud of this record, and you know, it's good to have options.

Everyone likes options, you know? I wanted to show you something, if you will. Direct your attention to [INAUDIBLE] screen. This [INAUDIBLE].


TAYLOR SWIFT: And so this edition is called "The Albatross" because there is an exclusive bonus song on this vinyl called "The Albatross," and it came [INAUDIBLE] early. So that's a little bit of a cool thing we have tonight. I also have another fun thing if you want another fun thing.

- Yes!

TAYLOR SWIFT: [INAUDIBLE]. All right. So, earlier tonight, we were trying to figure out this whole weather situation. We were like, what are we gonna do?

[INAUDIBLE] window, this window where the weather's going to be not crazy and dangerous. So my incredibly talented, wonderful [INAUDIBLE] hilarious, genius opening act [INAUDIBLE], she heroically sacrificed her show, which, I think, is a crime against Sydney. And I think it needs to be fixed.

So I'm going to bring her out now [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] scream loud as you possibly know how for as long as you know how. [INAUDIBLE]