Suspect Arrested After Jumping in Pond to Escape Florida Deputies

The suspect in several burglaries and thefts submerged himself in a pond and hid in long grass as he tried, and failed, to escape deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) in Tampa, Florida, on December 6, police video shows.

This body-worn camera footage released by the sheriff’s office shows members of HCSO’s Marine Unit pulling the suspect out of the water and onto their boat.

“Team HCSO has the assets to make arrests in any landscape, including retention ponds!” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook

The suspect, 46-year-old Shawn Landers, was wanted for crimes committed in the Orient Park area and fled into a pond near Interstate 4 and North 52nd Street after deputies arrived at a homeless camp to look for him, the HCSO said.

“Aviation, Marine, and K-9 deputies canvassed the area,” they wrote. “After nearly three hours of searching, the Marine Unit found Landers hiding in tall grass and cattails.”

Sheriff Chad Chronister praised the deputies for their teamwork and dedication. Credit: HCSO via Storyful

Video transcript

- Give me your hand.

- I ain't playing.

- Come out right now. Climb out.

- I'm trying, bubba. My legs are wrapped around the thing, man. You're hard on me.

- Just tell him 1015.

- We're 1015.

- Let him go.

- Great job, y'all. Where'd you get him?

- Neck deep in water in the reefs.