Surge in Demand for COVID-19 Tests at Bondi Beach After Confirmed Cases at Local Schools

Long lines of cars were seen at a drive-through COVID-19 testing clinic at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on May 27, a day after students with coronavirus attended classes at two local schools.

Waverley College and Moriah College in Sydney’s east were shut on May 26 after it was confirmed students had tested positive for coronavirus, just one day after pupils made a full-time return to campuses across the eastern states.

This video shows a long line of cars at the testing site the day after the two schools were closed.

“Yesterday there was definitely an influx of cars shortly after Waverley College was shut down, and then the line grew after Moriah did the same. But this morning I’m in shock. We haven’t seen a line like this since the pandemic peak. The line is just getting bigger and bigger. Cleary this is not over yet,” Pnina Hagege, who filmed the video, told Storyful.

There were 3,092 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New South Wales late on May 25, according to state health authorities. Credit: Pnina Hagege via Storyful