SpaceX Launches and Destroys Rocket to Demonstrate Safety System

SpaceX launched a test flight on January 19 to demonstrate its Crew Dragon capsule rescue system, a safety mechanism to be used by NASA astronauts in the case of emergencies.

The launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida took place at 10.30 am EST on Sunday. It involved the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launching as normal but the engines were then deliberately shut down and the Dragon capsule catapulted off the top with two test dummies aboard.

The test was intended to “demonstrate Crew Dragon’s ability to separate from Falcon 9 and carry astronauts to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency on ascent,” SpaceX said.

NASA has commissioned both SpaceX and Boeing to build capsules and rockets to bring astronauts to orbit. Sunday’s test was the last major test for SpaceX before NASA allows astronauts on board, WESH reported. Credit: SpaceX via Storyful