South Dakota Basketball Team Gives Opposing Player With Down Syndrome Second Chance to Score

A high school basketball player in Langford, South Dakota, gave an opposing player with Down syndrome a second chance to make the game’s final shot in a heartwarming display of sportsmanship on Tuesday, February 18.

Aberdeen Christian High School’s athletic director and basketball coach David Rohrbach recorded this video at Tuesday night’s junior varsity basketball game against Langford.

In the video, No 50, Gabe Smith, a Langford athlete with Down syndrome, is given the ball to make the game-ending shot. When he misses, Aberdeen player No 11, Garrett Pearson, grabs the rebound and passes it back to Smith for another chance.

Smith hits the buzzer-beater, and members of both teams celebrate with him as Langford wins 40-26.

Rohrbach shared another video of the moment to Aberdeen Christian Basketball’s Facebook page, writing, “The boys made me proud … Being good is more important than winning every time. One basket wasn’t going to change our day, but to this kid, it made his!” Credit: David Rohrbach via Storyful