South Australia Man Takes Fishing Trip in Water Tank Boat

A fisherman in Port Gawler, South Australia, took a group of boating enthusiasts by surprise on Sunday, November 29, as he navigated the local waterways in a vessel made from a water tank.

Footage posted by Michael Rengel shows the custom-built boat as he and his friends laugh in surprise.

Speaking to Storyful, Rengel said he and his friends Nico and Bardo spotted the boat while out on the water in their own tinny.

“At first, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing but thought it’d only be right to take a few videos for the Snapchat story … and have a yarn,” Rengel said.

He added, “I thought, give this man an engineering degree, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” Credit: Michael Rengel via Storyful