Shoppers Return to Supermarkets as Wuhan Malls Reopen After COVID-19 Lockdown

Shoppers were seen in a Wuhan supermarket wearing protective equipment as the city eased coronavirus-related movement restrictions on March 29.

Stores in the city were reopened to customers who passed a temperature check and had a “green code”, according to the People’s Daily.

The codes come from apps developed during the coronavirus crisis in China. Each person has either a green, yellow or red code based on their health information and travel history, according to reports.

Wuhan is expected to reopen to outside travel on April 8 for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown was put in place more than two months earlier.

Chinese health authorities had reported 67,801 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Hubei province, including 50,006 in Wuhan, and 3,187 deaths on March 31. The nation claimed to have had no new local infections for 28 days in 20 provinces. Credit: 华师一孟昭奎 via Storyful