Shoe-Stealing Australian Lizard Caught in the Act

A goanna monitor lizard was caught swiping a sandal at Marymia Station, a cattle ranch in Western Australia, on November 5.

Hannah Jean Orr, who recorded the footage, told Storyful the video was taken “after I had my shoe go missing (Fila brand).” She said she had her suspicions that the goanna may have been to blame, but decided that was “a bit ridiculous.”

Orr said, “A few minutes later, I heard a noise, went out to investigate, and sure enough, he was stealing the other shoe.”

The goanna had taken up residence in Marymia Station after Orr offered it food and water.

Orr also told Storyful, “You could almost guarantee that wherever I was, the goanna would turn up looking for me. The other people living on the station refer to him as ‘Hannah’s goanna’.” Credit: Hannah Jean Orr via Storyful