Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Hoops With Kids in Fort Pierce Neighborhood

A Fort Pierce woman said “panic” transformed into a “heartwarming” feeling when she caught her son playing basketball with a sheriff’s deputy outside her home in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Tameshia Martin told Storyful she was “running through the house” in a “panic” when she initially saw the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office truck parked outside of her home.

“I knew I left my son playing basketball ball but was confused as to why the cops were parked out front,” Martin said.

Martin said she walked outside to see Deputy Danny playing basketball with her son, Antwan Jones Jr. Martin told Storyful the officer came back again to play with her son and cousin a couple days later.

“Even though the kids beat him at basketball, Deputy Danny promised them he would keep coming back until he won,” the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

This footage, posted on August 7 and August 9, shows the deputy playing basketball multiple times with the boys in Fort Pierce. Credit: Tameshia Martin via Storyful