Several Injured After School Bus and Car Collide at Covington Intersection

CCTV footage captured the moment a car and school bus collided at an intersection in Covington, Washington, on March 18, leaving two of the car’s occupants in a critical condition and several schoolchildren with minor injuries.

In the footage, a red car can be seen travelling on the opposite side of the road, before cutting in front of another vehicle which had stopped at the lights. The car then crashes into the bus, sending it flying into the air briefly before both vehicles come to a halt.

Occupants from the car are then seen running away from the crash scene.

Several schoolchildren on the bus suffered minor injuries, while others escaped unharmed, according to an update from the City of Covington Facebook page.

“Mainly the people in the front, their noses were bleeding and their lips were busted,” one occupant of the school bus told media.

Police said two of the car’s occupants were in a critical condition and three fled on foot but were later captured; one was then arrested on firearms charges, Seattle Times reported. Credit: Jody Lewis/ Rehv Arms via Storyful